The vacuum homogenizers are used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industry for production of emulsion production, cream, gells, haircolour etc. Mixing and homogenising elements are chosen depending on technologies of processing a material for homogenize.



Homogenizer V-800


  1. Mixing vessel with double jacket and insulation
  2. Anchor type agitator with scraper blades
  3. Homogenizer (or colloid mill)
  4. Spiral agitator (or dissolver)
  5. Vacuum system with pipeline
  6. Lifting and lowering of the lid including also mixing elements by hydraulic system
  7. Dense liquid pump
  8. Electrical control panel
  9. Frame



The parts in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI 316. The machine is designed in accordance with GMP directives. Homogenizer is mounted on frame and does not require special foundation.
The vacuum homogenizers can be used in all branches of industry in which liquid to semi-solid or solid products are to be manufactured in different process stages, this to be performed in a single installation:

Homogenizer V-800 (open)



Homogenizer V-5
  • product deaeration (production in a vacuum)
  • batch identification requirement
  • cleaning facility
  • constant controlled heating and cooling
  • identical process concepts from 5 liters laboratory unit to production systems with capacities of up to 1 700 liters

The selection of the mixing elements is principally dependent on the technology, product viscosity, vessel dimensions etc.




Homogenizer V-10
Homogenizer V-50
Homogenizer V-250



Model   V-10 V-40
Useful volume cubic dm 10 40
Installed power kW up to 2 up to 6
Propeller rounds/minute 2880 2880
Scraper stirrer rounds/minute 11 14
Overall dimensions mm 650x1200x1200 1050x400x400
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